27 Sep 2017

Tyrolean Classical Singer Award

The State of Tyrol and the Eva Lind Music Academy in Tyrol are announcing the Tyrolean Classical Singing Award in cooperation with ORF Tirol.

The award, which is awarded every two years, is a gifted grant from the state of Tyrol to support education and training and is endowed with € 5.000,00.

Mrs. Landesrätin Dr. Beate PALFRADER on the intentions of the state of Tyrol: "Tyrol has a great potential of gifted young musicians. The Tyrolean Classical Singing Award is an important impulse for the gifted and supports up-and-coming talents on their way to an international career. "

Initiator Eva LIND on the task: “I am very happy to be able to launch the TIROLER KLASSIK SÄNGERPREIS with our Eva Lind Music Academy in Tyrol.

As a singer, I know how important support is at the beginning of a career. In addition to the opportunity for generous support, the award winners also have multiple opportunities for public appearances - including at the KLASSIK GALA TIROL of the Eva Lind Music Academy in Tyrol and concerts at home and abroad.

My heartfelt thanks especially to the state of Tyrol and the ORF Tyrol for the willingness to support this project both financially and medially. "



Helmut Schmid, State Music Director: jury Chairman

Prof. Margit Klaushofer, Head of the Institute for Singing and Music Theater at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

Prof. Eva Lind, director of the Tirol Music Academy

Jennifer Maines, soprano

Ks. Prof. Andreas Schmidt, professor at the University of Music and Theater in Munich

Rainer Zagovec, Agency Turnus, Rüsselsheim




• Prize money € 5.000

• Performance at a concert in the Alte Oper Frankfurt

• Performance at the KLASSIK GALA TIROL 2020 of the Eva Lind Music Academy Tyrol



• Scholarship for a masterclass of the EVA LIND MUSIC ACADEMY TIROL 2021

• Performance at the KLASSIK GALA TIROL 2020 of the Eva Lind Music Academy Tyrol



will be carried out by Governor Günther PLATTER in the Silbersaal in Schwaz on Saturday, November 21, 2020 as part of the gala event CLASSIC GALA TIROL the Eva Lind Music Academy Tyrol.

Other contributors to the CLASSIC GALA TYROL:

Tyrolean Youth Orchestra under the direction of Lui Chan

Angelika Kirchschlager

Eva Lind

Duo Salmon-Vieillard

Winner of the prima la musica national competition




Musicians who were born or grew up in Tyrol, whose main point of life (studying music) is in Tyrol - or who have taken part in the master classes of the EVA LIND MUSIKAKADEMIE TIROL can apply for the TIROLER KLASSIK SÄNGERPREIS. The minimum age of applicants is 17 years, the maximum age is 31 years - each deadline is August 31.8.2020, XNUMX.

In case of doubt, the jury will decide on the eligibility. The legal process is excluded.



The following documents must be provided for the application:

  • Tabular CV:
    - First name Last Name
    - Gender
    - Address / ZIP / City / Country
    - phone number
    - Age
    - Place of birth
    - Description of musical training
    - email address
  • Unprocessed video or audio documentation: 2 songs or arias from different stylistic periods (one of the two pieces submitted may be selected by the jury for the final)
  • the registration fee is 110 EUR and has to be transferred to the following account:
    Eva Lind Music Academy Tyrol eV
    Sparkasse Schwaz AG
    IBAN: AT56 2051 0000 0154 3438
  • Please send your application via e-mail or weTransfer to the following address:
  • The application period ends on 31. August 2020. Applications must be received by EVA LIND MUSIKAKADEMIE TIROL by that time.


  • The submitted documents are evaluated by the jury and the ten best applicants are invited to a public audition. The jury is responsible for proposing the award, it exercises the office completely freely and independently, its decisions are incontestable and the judges' decision is final.
  • The award of the winner price is done by the state of Tyrol.


The public final will take place on September 23, 2020 from 18 p.m. in the ORF Landesstudio Tirol / Studio 3.